Relieve Your Stubborn Pain

Reverse Your Stubborn Disease

with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Are you suffering from stubborn pain or disease? Is it chronic and nothing is providing relief? Are you experiencing too much side effects and seeking a good alternative that the nature has to offer? You may still find solution with acupuncture and Oriental medicine even when options seem exhausted. This may be the opportunity to encounter your health solution. 

Ailments that are well-treated with acupuncture are muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain, post-surgical pain, chemotherapy pain, headache, hot flashes, and stress tension. Internal diseases, such as chronic fatigue, chronic infection, irritable bowel, organ dysfunction, and glandular dysfunction, are reversed with Chinese herbs and dietary adjustment.

We effectively treat pain and disease using time-tested Oriental Medicine, which consists of acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, and dietary adjustment. One or more methods will be recommended for the speediest recovery. Make an appointment and discuss your health concern with us. Dr. David Lee and Dr. candidate Che-ol Kim will let you know which of your problems can be effectively helped. We discuss the number of treatments for you to start experiencing relief. Your goal is to achieve a lasting relief as possible. We look forward to seeing you.

Take advantage of the clinic’s 17-year service to 4,500 local residents. Established in 2000, we offer effective, quality holistic treatment to patients in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Moorpark, and Simi Valley.

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Dr. Lee’s Patient’s Guide will help you find out which of your problems can be treated. You will also discover the number of visits and length of treatment required to lessen your pain using acupuncture and reverse your disease using Oriental medicine. The estimate in the e-book is based on an average improvement rate observed at our clinic. It lists 25 common diseases that can be helped. We also treat less common diseases. Find out how acupuncture can help to relieve your stubborn health problem so that you can move on with a quality life.


Dr. Lee’s Case Study #31: Back Pain

Patient: Female, age 32 
Complaint: Back pain. Since 5 years ago, the patient was experiencing progressive pain in the upper, middle, and low back. The pain was intensifying and becoming constant. MRI shows minor arthritis in the spine indicating that most of the pain is from musculo-tendino tension and knots.


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Dr. Lee’s Case Study #30: Leg, Foot, and Toe Pain

Patient: Female, age 44

Complaint: Left leg, foot, and toes pain. For 6 months, the patient has been suffering from tendino-muscular pain radiating from the left lateral hip to the foot. The pain is constant and worse at the end of work day. Cause is unidentified.

Treatment Process: The patient reported immediate relief

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