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Using the Body to Reverse Disease. Promote Health and Well-Being.

Heal the body naturally

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Health Journey

The body is a wonderfully complex system that has incredible potential for well-being and longevity. Oriental medicine has stood the test of time in successfully treating pain and disease. Acupuncture, Asian herbs and/or dietary adjustment may be the key to your recovery. That means you can recover from ailments along with heightened vitality, mood, and sense of well-being!

How we treat

Asian medicine consists of acupuncture, Asian herbs, and dietary adjustment. One or more of these methods will be recommended for the speediest recovery.

Who we are

We are licensed acupuncturists and practitioners of Asian herbal medicine. The goal of David Lee and Che-ol Kim is to achieve a quick and lasting relief as possible through assisting your body to self-heal. We look forward to increasing your health and well-being.

When Do I See an Improvement?

Usually, people begin to experience relief from 2 to 6 visits. To ensure we can do the best for you, give a trial of 6 treatments. An acute problem can go away within 6 visits. Majority of a moderate problem can go away within 12 visits. And severe problem can be much better within 12 visits and then maintenance treatments may be needed. 

If you have a chronic and stubborn problem, Asian medicine may be right for you. In our 19-year service to more than 7,000 local residents, many were pleasantly surprised of the relief. 

Find out how well your problem can be relieved with our Patient’s Guide Q&A. Discover the number of visits and length of treatment required to lessen your pain and reverse your disease. 

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Whole is Greater

Immune Health and Well-Being in 2021

The premise ‘Whole is greater than sum of its parts’ is intrinsic to natural medicine.  Just by improving the whole, its benefit cascades downward to the physiological and physical levels. In other words, the body is encouraged to heal from diseases by self-establishing homeostasis. Through thousands-of-years of clinical observation, Asian medicine discovered safe and

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Protect and Improve Immune Health

We follow COVID guidelines to keep you safe. 


Ways to Improve Your Immune Health

Eight Ways to Support Immune Health  

Have you wondered why some people catch cold/flu more easily than others?

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How to improve your immune system

Have you wondered why some people catch cold/flu more easily than others? The health of your immune system has a direct consequence on how well you can fight off the viruses. There is an opportunity for you to take control – Improve Your Health

Through the hundreds of epidemics over thousands-of-years, Asian medicine has figured out some common-sense treatments.

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