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Chronic cough

In most cases, patients notice significant relief of chronic cough within 3 weeks, and the total course of treatment is up to 2 months. The result is stable thereafter.

Chronic cough may be a result of a previous illness, a response to allergens, or there may not be a known cause.

Margaret Reyes Age 44

At the age of 11, I started having a cough that would give me spells of up to 1 hour straight. My parents took me to the doctors and they would prescribe a cough medicine. Over the years this cough turned into an asthmatic cough. I have seen many doctors, specialists, and internal doctors, and even ended up in the emergency room more times than I can count. The doctors would prescribe asthma medications and medication to prevent my attacks but could never find a medication that would stop my coughing once I started. When I would end up in the emergency room I would receive a cool breathing treatment that would stop my coughing for maybe 1 hour. My coughing could last from 1 week to 5 months. My doctors could not find a cure.I met Dr. Lee through a friend. When I met him I was having my coughing spell. He recommended that I eat 3 pears a day and boil the peels in hot water and drink it like a tea. Well, to my surprise, in a couple of days my cough was gone. I tried my home remedies and none had worked, but thanks to Dr. Lee’s 3 pears I now sleep 8 hours peacefully, am able to work, and people don’t walk around me like they used to. By this I mean once I start coughing it can last up to 1 hour straight nonstop and people at times thought I had some kind of disease. Well, thanks to Dr. Lee I now can do things as everyone else.

Frances S.

I am appreciative of the results of only one treatment I received. Since my personal allergic reactions and side effects to most medicines I am now continuing acupuncture treatments. The herbs are a God given result to my health. May this be an encouragement to you. Note: This patient had incessant cough for 2 weeks.


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