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Our Technique

Body Type Constitutional Medicine

Constitutional medicine empowers your body to self-heal. Rather than intervening to treat the symptom, sign, and disease, the focus is on your body’s innate ability to self-heal. A direct treatment of the disease is often not necessary. When your body establishes homeostasis more efficiently, the result is a reduction of your disease and an increase in well-being.

Your body is very good at healing naturally and safely. Optimizing body type is an effective way of establishing homeostasis, smooth functioning, and healing. For this reason, many diseases spontaneously improve or go away. We use acupuncture, dietary adjustment, and/or Asian herbs as choice medicines. 

What Acupuncture Techniques Do You Use?

Our acupuncture techniques are called Bisoma (means two-body) and Tetrasoma (means four-body).  These techniques use special points on the hands and feet for treatment of a variety of problems. Even low back and migraine are greatly improved with only these acupuncture points. Because the relief is superb, there is no requirement to place acupuncture needles on the site of the injury.

What Diet and Asian Herbal Techniques Do You Use?

We use Sasang (means four constitutions) herbal and dietary medicine. Sasang shows which food and herbal ingredients fit your body type. It was created by a Korean physician named Jema Lee 150 years ago as an improvement of Asian medicine. 

It is a four-body type medicine, in which everyone is one of the four. Sasang medicine integrates the indigenous world medicines. Its diagnostic criteria is same as Indian Ayurveda, Greco-Roman Unani, and American Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. A constitution manifests in personality, physiology, and physical shape. Therefore, we have many ways to correctly diagnose.

Below is an example of four torso shapes for each body type. The green is a diamond shape, yellow is double-triangle, blue is down-triangle, and red is up-triangle.


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