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Maintenance Visit

Why do we need maintenance visits? 

Most people need maintenance visits to keep the problem at a minimum. Even if you have no complaint, regular visits will keep your physiology at an optimum. The usual visits are at every 2 to 4 weeks with acupuncture and/or Asian herbs. Everyone slides back from the balanced state and counteracting against drifting back should be done periodically. 


Our body is good at establishing homeostasis. However, because of stress and aging, it is important to have regular exercise, good mindset, and healthy diet. Furthermore, acupuncture and/or Asian herbs can elevate your mind and body at an even higher level. Rather than waiting until the problem is persistent and compromises your quality of living for too long, gently supporting your system can be a simple solution to continuously help your system. 


With the success of initial visits, the first-hand experience of the process of recovery and optimization gives the patients a reason to continue with the success. Once you have reversed disease, pain, inflammation, and dysfunction, then the maintenance visits are used to maintain the improved state. For them, it makes sense to keep nudging the body to function at an optimal state.


They feel the integration of mind and body. The bio-rhythm during the day and night is more regular.  It is because Asian medicine is good at keeping your organs, glands, and nerves function at an optimal level. Your sense of well-being more frequent and longer.

The goal is a higher quality of living, more productivity, and longevity.


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