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About Asian Medicine

What is Asian Medicine?

When we look at eastern and western cultures, we can find many differences when it comes to the approach of medicinal studies. Asian Medicine is natural medicine, which, has a holistic benefit to the body. That means it does more than what it aims to treat and supports the body on multiple levels. In addition, it takes consciousness, energy, and emotional well-being into account.

Self-treatments such as meditation, physical exercise, and healthy foods are an encouraged habit to keep you healthy. However, these self-treatments are not always enough. Stronger natural medicine such as acupuncture, Asian herbs, body-type foods, cupping, electro stim are all excellent ways to keep you healthier. Let’s briefly explore these one by one.


Believe it or not, the body is covered in little pressure points! When activated, these acupressure points can help relieve pain, establish balance, treat disease, and even improve health throughout the body. Through acupuncture, you can promote a wide variety of benefits: anti-aging, faster recovery, an increased sense of well-being, focus, clarity, and much more!

Asian Herbs

Many medicines, even Aspirin, comes from plants. But unlike Aspirin, Asian herbs do not contain active ingredients. Rather, they help your body to produce its own active ingredients to heal for long-term. They are combined with careful consideration to create a formula that will restore a homeostasis to the body. In other words, pharmaceutical medicine works as a replacement therapy whereas natural medicine works as an empowering therapy. 

Body-Type Diet

Everything you consume works to support the body. Food is not only nutritional, it is also a mild medicine. We diagnose your body type to identify which foods work well at the DNA level.  We advised you to consume more of beneficial foods and less of harmful foods. These foods will create homeostasis in your physiology and promote longevity.


Cupping is a unique alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. It works like a deep tissue massage in reverse. The goal is to facilitate healing with blood flow and “qi” flow to achieve balance. The flow of “Qi” is similar to the flow of water in the body where it connects to all vitals and channels of energy.


Electrostimulation sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or even manipulate the nerves to reduce pain. This painless procedure mimics the action signals coming from your nervous system to tell your body to heal faster. 

Many solutions to modern-day problems were identified a long time ago! Over two thousand years of research and study have been refined into this century. Here at David Lee Acupuncture, we are dedicated to serving the health needs of our patients through Asian Medicine.

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