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After First Visit

Acute disease

• For chronic and stubborn diseases, it usually takes 6 visits for you to experience a significant improvement. Because everyone has a different rate of improvement, you may experience an immediate relief with the first treatment or after a few visits. 40% of the patients notice an immediate relief with the first treatment. Second treatment has a 50% likelihood of giving relief, and the percentage goes up as the treatments are continued. That’s why you should give a try of 6 treatments to ensure your improvement with acupuncture. The frequency of the visits are twice a week at first until the relief is significant enough to taper down the treatments. 


Chronic disease

• For acute conditions such as sprain/strain of muscle, it will usually take 4 to 6 visits to resolve the problem. For a seasonal cold/flu, we have herbs which require 1 to 2 visits for your to have an acceleated recovery.


 Your improvement is measured using 3 criteria:

1. Less intensity of pain and problem.
2. Less frequency of pain and problem.
3. Less duration of pain and problem.

For example, if you have low back pain, then the amount of the pain lessens over time, the incidences are less frequently noticed, and the length of time for recovery is quicker. Or if you have irritable bowel disease, then the intensity of cramping is less, the bowel movement is more regular, and the abdominal discomfort is occurring less often.  


The objective is a reversal of pain, inflammation, and dysfunction so that your quality of living is increased. The goal is to establish a maximum benefit with minimum treatments.    The first few visits begin to set your body on a course of improvement. The improvement is initiated by supporting your body’s inherent ability to heal. Usually, twice a week visit for 3 to 5 weeks is enough. Within a reasonable period of time, your organs, glands, and nerves will be in a more homeostatic state because your system is working more efficiently.  

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