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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain often comes from , bursitis, tendinitis, sprain, strain, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), or rotator cuff syndrome. We treat a variety of shoulder pains by promoting healing, reducing inflammation and increasing range of motion. It is even more effective when used in conjunction with physical therapy. 

Patients typically notice relief within 6 acupuncture visits at 2 times a week visit. The total treatment is up to 2 or 3 months.

Frozen shoulder begins as a slight pain and progresses to severe discomfort, which becomes worse when the shoulder is moved. Eventually, the shoulder stiffens to thj0385786e point that it cannot be moved at all. It typically starts with a minor injury that leads to inflammation. The normal response is not to move the painful joint, thus allowing adhesions. This provides an opportunity for the constricting bands of tissue to form. Adhesions make it even more difficult and painful to move the shoulder, and a vicious cycle develops. Eventually, the capsule lining the shoulder joint shrinks because of scar tissue resulting from the adhesions.

VICIOUS CYCLE: minor injury  pain  no movement  fibrous tissue forms  adhesion  more pain  less range of motion  more adhesion.

 Acupuncture lowers the need for conventional pain-killing drugs and thus reduces the risk of adverse events.

Patient Testimonial 1

Frank B.

I had broken my left wrist and right shoulder during an accident in mid September (5 months ago). Shortly thereafter I began seeing a physical therapist and my injuries were slowly improving. I January I had decided that my injuries were not improving fast enough so I came to see Dr. Lee. At that time I still had significant pain in my shoulder and wrist. I had not slept a full night in months, was very tired constantly, and had headaches and allergies. Dr. Lee began giving me acupuncture treatments once per week and my symptom immediately began to improve at a much more rapid rate. In fact, after the 1st treatment, sleep was no longer an issue. Dr. Lee also advised me on my diet identifying foods to stay away from and others to eat. I feel this diet has improved my digestion, energy and concentration. He also began to give me a herb blend. The combination of acupuncture, diet, and herb therapy has made a big difference.Thanks Dr. Lee!

Patient Testimonial 2

Female, age 62

I have had shoulder pain for long periods, often not allowing me to swim, participate in Tai Chi, or even hold my granddaughter. As I started going to Dr. Lee for treatments, however, the pain is not as severe and does not come as regularly as it has in the past. Also, after I receive my treatments, it goes away much more quickly without having to take strong medications.

Patient Testimonial 3

Shirley Gibson

I came to Dr. lee with pain in my shoulder, arm and thumb. The pain interrupted my sleep. After 5 treatments, the pain is almost completely gone.What a relief. The kind and friendly service and the expertise of Dr. Lee is very much appreciated.


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