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Allergy and Sinusitis

Are you suffering from allergy and sinusitis? Do you have stubborn sneezing, runny nose, sinus congestion, itchy eyes and nose, headache and fatigue? Many patients find a lasting relief even if the allergies and sinusitis have been persistent for years. Try acupuncture and dietary adjustment. It may be the solution you have been looking for. 

Allergies are significantly relieved within 3 weeks and the total treatment is up to 2 to 3 months. 

The occurrence of allergies in developed countries is sharply on the rise. Many patients do not want to stay on medications for long periods of time. Acupuncture and dietary adjustment provide a time-tested alternative. Dr. David Lee, an Oriental medicine practitioner, believe that, in most cases, the cause of allergy and sinusitis are both diet and heredity related. Although other factors, such as exercise and stress play a part, modification of one’s diet is the cornerstone to stay in the improved state. 

The hereditary propensity is related to the constitutional differences. In holistic natural medicine perspective, the body types that are prone to hayfever are damp-cold and damp-hot constitutions. If you are a cold type, warming herbs such as turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon can help your body self-heal while reducing the harmful nuts and dairy is necessary. 

Allergy and sinusitis relieved with acupuncture and diet
Relieve allergy with acupuncture and diet

Watch the patient testimonial:

The patient was consistently better even after one year of discharge.

I have had difficulty with allergies for at least 20 years. I often would need to breathe out of my mouth because I was unable to get enough air through my nose. My nasal passages would be swollen and congested. During times of wind, I would get severe sinus headaches. With several visits over the last week and a half, I’m ready to get back to my exercise routine and breathe more freely than I can ever remember. I have recommended Dr. Lee to many people already and will continue to see him myself as well. If I had any complaint at all, it would be that I did not come to see him sooner. He is a blessing and I am grateful.

Florence B. Age 84

I was taking allergy pills every day. Now my nose is completely open even without medication. This is truly amazing and wonderful that I can live comfortably. Coming here made a difference of night and day.

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