Cheol Kim

Cheol Kim acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine
Che-ol Kim practitioner of  East Asian medicine

Biography and Philosophy

Cheol Kim, an acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner, is an expert through the years of study as a scholar and experience as a clinician. He joined our clinic for its appeal in treating many stubborn diseases. Oriental Medicine has given him the tools to get to know his patients on a deeper level and help guide them towards increased health. He feels privileged to assist in the powerful healing the body is capable of.  


Doctor Cheol (Che-ol) Kim is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a practitioner of Chinese herbs. He holds a D.A.O.M. (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and M.S.O.M. (Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine) from Dongguk University, Los Angeles. His externship was in Engeman Student Health Center at University of Southern California and Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine in Fullerton, California. He received a Master’s of Science degree in Food and Biotechnology and a Bachelor’s in Food Engineering at the Yonsei University, which is a top university in Korea. His lifestyle focuses on understanding food preparation and processing allows him to appreciate the health-promoting power of a proper diet combined with Chinese herbs. He comes from a family lineage recognized as national treasures by the Korean government for the traditional tea ceremony and wood-working. Growing up with extensive exposure to ancient methods of living with nature and Asian medicine, he appreciates the human ingenuity and the power the body has to heal itself.


He had a thriving practice in Los Feliz, California. He was also a staff practitioner at Granada Hills Acupuncture Clinic until he joined in David Lee’s Acupuncture Clinic. He is enjoying the adventures of raising a family with his wife and two children.