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Protect and Improve Immune Health

We follow COVID guidelines to keep you safe. 


Ways to Improve Your Immune Health

Eight Ways to Support Immune Health  

Have you wondered why some people catch cold/flu more easily than others? The health of your immune system has a direct consequence on how well you can fight off the viruses. We know that COVID-19 is same in many respects to an influenza virus and is also different. It’s similar in that most infected people only have mild symptoms. But it is more easily transmitted and more virulent against the health-compromised patients. Eventually, 30 to 70% of the population may get coronavirus. That’s why there is an opportunity for you to take control – Improve Your Health. Social distancing is reducing the curve. It is giving us time to build up our health and immune system. 

Simply providing a right environment for the genes to express for a healthier physiology means that your immune system, mind, and body will function optimally. Through the hundreds of epidemics over thousands-of-years, we have figured out some common-sense treatments.

This clinic had success in treating cold/flu for 20 years. I and other acupuncturists are confident that we can repeat our success. How do we know? It is because most of the herbs used in China currently are the same herbs that we have been using to treat cold/flu every season. Not only do we have the means to treat, you can also do common things at home to build up your immune system.   

(1) Daily physical exercise 

There are always physical things to do. You can go outside and use the opportunity to enjoy the greenery. In this spring-time, enjoy gardening or cleaning the house. Or take the live exercise class online so you continue to have the sense of community.  

(2) Have a good mindset

Your thoughts create an internal environment. Good internal environment improves your immune system. See things in a positive light even if you do not feel like to. You see the positive consciously, then your subconscious and physiological body will serve your consciousness.

(3) Anti-inflammatory foods

Minimize or stay away from simple sugar such as grains and dessert. These are the most inflammatory foods. High sugar causes dysfunction in the organs, glands, and nerves in the long run. For example, plaque in an artery is a callous response caused by an irritant. When you remove the irritant, the plaque is then significantly removed from the body only in a matter of one year.

Follow your body’s  sense of sweetness – focus, clarity, energy, stamina, and integration.  Whole-food plant-based food is what the body craves. We need to be clear on what type of sweetness to align with – tongue, head, or body. Tongue is instinctual and loves sweet and fat. Head is influenced by good times associated with comfort food, such as at birthdays and holidays. Splurging sometimes is okay, as long as it is sporadic

(4) Symbiotic with microbiome

Hippocrates said all diseases begin in the gut. We can also say many diseases end in the gut. Leaky gut syndrome is closely associated with a compromised immune system, because majority of immune system is in the gut. We need to take care of our microbiome. You take care of the 100 trillion bacteria living in your body and they will take care of you. There are 1,000 species of bacteria. 99% of genetic material is non-human. These bacteria work with and teach our physiology to be better functioning in this world’s complex environment.

Microbiome is symbiotic. They help us and we help them. They work with our mind, organs, glands, and nerves. That is why probiotics are important. Not only should you add probiotics into your diet, but also provide a good environment with healthy foods for them to flourish.


(5) Body type food ingredients

This Dry-Warm Type occurs in 25% of population. 70% are males and 30% are females.


This Cool-Damp Type occurs in 25% of population. 70% are females and 30% are males.


This Warm-Damp Type occurs in 25% of population. 70% are males and 30% are females.


A Cool-Dry Type occurs in 25% of population. 70% are females and 30% are males.


(6) Heat therapy

If you have initial symptoms of fever and cough, try a heat therapy. It is using a constant temperature of 100 to 104 degrees on your body from neck down. Viruses are known to slow replication when they are exposed to temperature of 99 degrees and above. This can give you time to develop antibodies before developing severe symptoms.


(7) Asian Herbs

Asian herbs are super plants that contain many benefits from their phyto-nutrients. They promote your immune system, weight loss, energy, and memory. And they reduce many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, premature aging, diabetes, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, and the list is endless. Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But it is true!

Taking advantage of the time-tested herbs which have been extensively studied and regularly taken for over thousands-of-years. We have been using the same herbal ingredients for cold/flu that Chinese are using now with success. Not only do they reduce fever, cough, and shortness of breath, they also promote a quicker recovery.    


(8) Acupuncture

Acupuncture improves your immune system. Acupuncture has proven its effectiveness of pain, inflammation, and trauma recovery. In addition, it improves the internal physiology, including immune system. It will help your body be more ready to fight off coronavirus. China is utilizing acpuncture for COVID-19 patients with success. At this clinic, we had white blood cell count stabilize even with continued chemotherapy for cancer patients. 

Let’s not be overly concerned about when we will have the solution with coronavirus vaccination and medication, which are at least a few months away. Let’s resume our normal lives as best as we can by improving our health, immune system, and sense of well-being. For those who are less healthy and immune-compromised, it is even more imperative to use nature’s way of healing. We work with your body’s individual need to be healthier and recover. 

Stay safe and healthy,

David Lee, Che-ol Kim, and Sima Ebrahimi

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