neck pain, cervicalgia

Patients notice significant improvement after 3 to 4 acupuncture visits. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps to ensure maximum comfort.



Neck pain usually is related with whiplash accidents. It tends to persist and reappear often. Chronic neck pain without an apparent injury are related with stress factors and harmful foods. Excessive stress and allergic foods tense the muscles in the body. The pain exhibits most frequently in the neck and shoulder areas. Muscles are more than the attachment to bones. Blood vessels, heart, stomach, and intestines are made up of muscles. Other organs, such as lungs, depend on the pleural muscles for proper breathing. When the tensions throughout the body are prolonged, then the tight muscles inhibit proper flow and physiology.




Lynn M.

I have been tending bar and serving for 40 years. I have always had some kind of pain and have used lots of drugs to deal with it. For the last two years, however, I have had extreme pain in my neck and right arm. Never in my life had I considered acupuncture. I was shopping in the neighborhood and just walked in on David Lee. After telling him how I had to use Vicodin, Valium and Xanax to just work, I decided to let him treat me. In one week my whole life had changed. I no longer depend on drugs or alchohol for pain or stress. I believe I found a miracle in David.


Lisa M.

When I first came to see Dr. Lee 2 months ago, I had a lot of pain & stiffness in my neck and back. I also experienced migraines frequently. After 2 months of treatment, my neck and back have improved significantly and I no longer have intense migraines. Overall I feel much better than I ever had before and I am more relaxed and focused during my day. The everyday stress in my life seems much improved also- I no longer feel anxious. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone wanting to improve their overall health & well being. I am very grateful I found Dr. Lee.