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Do you have unremitting fibromyalgia pains?

Reduce the pains and elevate your mood

Your pains can be significantly relieved as early as 3 weeks of twice a week acupuncture visits. In addition, Chinese herbs may be an important part of the improvement process. Total treatment is up to 3 or 4 months for a maximum result. The goal at the beginning is to reduce pain. As you continue the treatments, the relief continues to improve. The accumulated benefits will allow your body to better self-regulate towards experiencing less pain on its own. The reason is that acupuncture instructs the body to help itself. Acupuncture relieves the stress and pain response in the brain. It also quiets down the physiology toward normal functioning of the body. As a result, the nervous system can regulate itself more easily.

Relieve fibromyalgia with acupuncture
Tender points

Fibromyalgia (fibromyositis syndrome FMS) mostly affects women between 20-50 years of age. It is chronic, widespread, and severe. The characteristics are muscular aching, pain, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

FMS is a brain-body relationship disorder. It can be differentiated from other chronic muscle-joint pain by the presence of pain or tenderness on a pressure in at least 11 of 18 specific points on the body. 70-90% of FMS sufferers also have one or more of the following: sleep disturbances, headaches, swollen feet, numbness and/or tingling, difficulty thinking and concentrating, sensitivity to light, noise, smells, hypersensitivity to stress, painful menstruation, and dry mouth.

Patient Testimonial 1

Patient Testimonial 1


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