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Relief of diabetic neuropathy noticed within 2 weeks of treatment and the blood glucose is lessened signficantly by 4 weeks. The total course of treatment is between 3 to 4 months to achieve maximum improvement.The result is stable thereafter.

If you were recently diagnosed, or your diabetes is becoming more intractable toward the possibility of needing insulin shots, you may still achieve significant improvement. Chinese medicine is designed for you to recover, so the improved state is stable. You can treat your diabetes with acupuncture and Chinese herbs under the supervision of your primary physician.


Maria G.

I was diagnosed with diabetes type II and high cholesterol in March, 2004. My glucose level at one point was at 286. After three types of medications, my glucose level went down to between 156 and 136. In October, I started natural plants treatment with great success. My sugar level has gone down to 136 to 111 [without medications]. I had lots of tired and very hot feet. My eyes were tired and watery. I used to urinate up to 3 times a night. I was very hungry. I had very little sleep and I was in bad mood. Today all my symptoms have stopped.

Federico B.

I am 59 years old. I [have] been diagnosed with diabetes for the past 2 months. I [have] been treated by David Lee for the last month and a half for diabetes by taking herbs. I no longer take medication for diabetes. I no longer use the restroom as much at night or drink as much water. In a week I will not be taking no more herbs.

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