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Cold and Flu

Are you suffering from stubborn and recurrent cold and flu?

Oriental medicine treats and prevents Cold and flu.

Cold and flu treated with Oriental medicine
Treat and prevent cold and flu with Oriental medicine

Recover the cold and flu quickly. The symptoms immediately begin to improve so that you do not have to go through the usual cycle lasting up to 2 weeks or even longer. The recovery time is at least twice as quick. 

Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs treat the viral and bacterial infection while boosting the immune system to help the body to fight them off. The result is a healthier body which can maintain a better homeostasis of its internal environment. And you will have less frequent infections in the future. Look forward to being sick less often, missing less work and school, and having more energy throughout the year. Not only is your immune system boosted, your whole physiology is enhanced at the organ and glandular levels. Frequent colds are a sign of a physiological compromise. We can make your body function at its optimal state. 


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