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Dr. Lee’s Case Studies #16, #17, and #18


Below are three successful patient cases with carpal tunnel, pregnancy nausea, and post-surgical pain. The intention of sharing these cases is to increase awareness within the local community about the benefits of acupuncture.

Case #16: Female, age 54shutterstock_128569805
Chief complaint: Carpal Tunnel
Complaints: Right wrist and forearm pain, injured by playing tennis and golf two months ago. Icing, heat, and medication is making an incremental improvement but she still has difficulty playing tennis.
Treatment process:  The patient had received four treatments so far in two weeks. Each treatment had produced significant and additional relief. After the fourth visit, she was able to play tennis with only slight discomfort.
Discussion: Acupuncture can help faster recovery for stubborn but improving carpal tunnel syndrome. An inability to play her favorite sports prompted her to visit this clinic. She is recovering much more quickly than without acupuncture treatment.

Case #17: Female, age 30
Chief complaint: Pregnancy, Nauseashutterstock_112101596
Complaints: Nausea and headache in the first month of pregnancy. Chronic plantar fasciitis.
Treatment process: She tried ginger and lemon water, which did not reduce any nausea in her first pregnancy. She was given instructions to place magnets on acupuncture points every night and take them off in the morning. It reduced the intensity of symptoms by half from 8/10 down to 4/10, allowing her to function normally at work and with daily activities. Food odor did not aggravate the nausea or headache. When she forgot to place magnets on, nausea came back with full intensity.
Discussion: The patient has been getting bi-weekly acupuncture treatment regularly for relief of stress, tension, and plantar fasciitis. When she became pregnant, the same acupuncture points were utilized although the reason was different from before. Treatment focuses on the body type, which precedes diseases, symptoms, or other signs because stimulating acupuncture points for the body type empowers the body to treat its own issues.

Case #18: Female, age 52Bra Lady
Chief complaint: Post-Surgical Pain
Complaints: Post-surgical pain in the upper chest and right upper arm due to complete mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes. Chronic low back pain and menopause symptoms.
Treatment process: She had complete mastectomy 3 weeks ago. Upper chest was inflamed and uncomfortable. Lower aspect of the right upper arm was numb and tingling. After acupuncture treatment, magnet instruction was given for daily treatment. On her second visit the following week, she reported a gradual and faster improvement than expected, especially in the last two days. Chest pain, “golf ball” sensation under the right arm pit and prickling sensation under the right upper arm were significantly less.
Discussion: Prior to mastectomy, she was receiving acupuncture and magnet treatments for chronic low back pain and hot flashes, which were well-managed. As a horse trainer, back pain was a constant issue. As a cancer survivor, she was taking medication that eliminated estrogen from her body, causing menopausal symptoms. She did not use magnet therapy for 3 weeks after surgery because she was unsure if the new condition would indicate a different treatment. The same acupuncture points for the body type were also helpful this time. The convenience of body type treatment using the same protocol is apparent because different diseases still improve significantly.

Disclaimer: Acupuncture results may vary since each individual case is different.



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