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Headaches, tension, migraine, cluster


The patient notices significant relief within 3 weeks,and total course of treatment is between 2-3 months.The goal is to reduce intensity, frequency, and duration.

A headache is any pain in the head, the discomfort of which can vary greatly. It may be dull or sharp, throbbing or constant, localized to a small area or engulfing the entire head. Some people suffer headaches only occasionally, while for others the problem is chronic. For some 20 million Americans each year, the pain of headache is severe enough to warrant a visit for treatments. And according to government estimates, some 64 million workdays are lost due to various types of headaches.


Possible causes include: stress, fatigue, blocked sinuses, allergies, overuse of alcohol and tobacco, adverse reactions to medications, before or during menstruation, changes in the weather, certain foods, irritated or inflamed blood vessels in the scalp





Julia H.

Since I was 12 years old [now age 54], I started with migraines. Over the years, my headaches worsened. For the past 11 years I’ve been getting them 3-4 times a week, without being able to control it. I’ve been to several doctors, they’ve prescribed different medications and nothing seemed to help. I also had a scan of my brain, and nothing was found.One day my niece told me about you. She said you have helped her in the past and highly recommended you. I was first in denial. I thought about it for 2 weeks before having my first consultation with you. My first week with the herbs didn’t make me feel any different. I still continued with my headaches. I decided to try one more week. If I didn’t feel a change I was going to stop coming to you. I am extremely happy to say there has been a whole new change with my life style. Now I can get up from bed and go on with my everyday duties. I still get slight headaches but not to an extreme that I can’t get up from bed. You have helped me a lot. I thought that there was no way to control my migraines. I thank God and you for all your help and patience you have for me.

Jennifer M.

I have had headaches for at least 15 years. Most days I would wake up with a headache and would go to sleep at night with the same pain. I have been treated by David Lee one or two times per week for the last six weeks, and my headaches are gone.

Yuka F

I started feeling the pressure around my eyes and around temples [few months ago]. First, I thought something was wrong with my eyes. I bought an eye drop. I was taking Tylenol every 4 hours (for almost solid 2 months!). Someone thought that I had sinus infection. I was treated with antibiotics at 2 separate times. One the first day I experienced acupuncture treatment, I noticed that I did not take Tylenol all day. (wow!). My headache was almost gone by the 3rd treatment. I am also taking herb powder mix given by Dr. Lee. I feel so much better now.


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