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Dr. Lee’s Case Study #30: Leg, Foot, and Toe Pain

Patient: Female, age 44

Complaint: Left leg, foot, and toes pain. For 6 months, the patient has been suffering from tendino-muscular pain radiating from the left lateral hip to the foot. The pain is constant and worse at the end of work day. Cause is unidentified.

Treatment Process: The patient reported immediate relief of the leg/foot pain by 50% after the first treatment. There was a gradual reduction of 90% relief by the second visit 5 days later. Since the second visit, she did not need to take a 6-month long anti-inflammatory medication, which was causing stomach pain. By the sixth visit, the patient was very happy to be able to wear high heels without aggravating low back and foot pain.

Discussion: When the pains are from strain or sprain, then the recovery can be fast and dramatic.


Disclaimer: Acupuncture results may vary since each individual case is different.

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