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Dr. Lee’s Case Study #23: Cervical Herniated Discs

Neck PainPatient: Female, age 51

Complaints: Cervical herniated discs at C5-T1 with nerve impingement causing radiculitis down the left shoulder, arm, and hand.  Much physical activity at home two months ago caused left side neck pain and nerve pain radiating down to left hand. The pain was so severe that it mimicked heart attack symptoms. MRI shows 3 minor herniated discs. There is a recurrence of pins and needles in the left arm and hand at half hour intervals followed by brief numbness. 

Treatment process: On the first day of treatment, the patient was given an acupuncture treatment and acupressure devices were placed on the same points. The patient was instructed to leave them on for at least 8 hours. On the second visit 3 days later, the patient reported less intensity and less frequency of sensation of pins and needles at 1-2 hour intervals. On the third visit, another 3 days later, the patient reported even more reduction of intensity and frequency of pain. On the fourth visit, the patient reported an overall improvement by 50-60% in frequency, intensity, and duration.

Discussion: The patient came in for acupuncture treatments after trying the obvious medical routes. Acupuncture is a viable option in addition to many medical choices.  

Disclaimer: Acupuncture results may vary since each individual case is different.

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