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Dr. Lee’s Case Studies #10 and #11


Below are two successful patient cases with menopause symptoms. The intention of sharing these cases is to increase awareness within the local community about the benefits of acupuncture.

Case #10: female, age 52
Chief complaint: Hot flashes and night sweats
Complaints: Hot flashes and night sweats began two months ago due to menopause. She was having hot flashes every hour during the day and profuse sweating at least once per night. Because she had leukemia and was treated until 5 months ago, hormone replacement therapy was not an option due to its reputation related to development of cancer.
Treatment process: The patient began acupuncture and magnet therapy one year ago. There was no significant relief until the third visit, when she saw significant relief of the hot flashes and night sweats. By the 7th visit, her menopausal symptoms were relieved by at least 95%. The clinic visits were at twice a week initially and were tapered down to once a month. She was given magnet instruction on self-treatment, which had continued to relieve most of the menopause symptoms.
Discussion: In the past, the menopause symptoms were considered a gift from mother-nature and should be embraced as such. In reality, it disturbs normal living due to irritability, insomnia, fatigue, and dryness that lasts for an average of 6 years. Average American women have beginning of menopause symptoms at age 48. They are not relieved until age 54. Many have the symptoms in early 40s until age 60. One eighth of female population is having hot flashes now. With acupuncture and magnets, menopausal symptoms can be significantly relieved or even eliminated without a concern for unwanted side-effects.

Case #11: female, age 51
Chief complaint: Medication induced hot flashes and night sweats
Complaints: Daily hot flashes and night sweats almost every evening since taking Tamoxifen, a breast cancer preventative, for over 4 ½ years. She had to take it for another 4 months. Both knees were painful when jogging.
Treatment process: The patient received acupuncture and magnet therapy for a total of 15 visits at a rate of twice a week, eventually tapering down to once every 3 weeks. The hot flashes and night sweats were immediately relieved with the first treatment and 90% were gone by the 6th visit. Both knee pains were gone after 4th visit and she was able to compete in a half marathon without any discomfort.
Discussion: Not only for natural menopause, acupuncture and magnet therapy are also helpful for the medication and surgically induced menopausal symptoms. Even with medications that prevent production of estrogen and surgery that remove both ovaries, relief is entirely possible without carrying risks. Acupuncture and magnet therapy provide this solution.

Disclaimer: Acupuncture results may vary since each individual case is different.




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