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Dr. Lee’s Case Study #29: Menopause and Spasms

Patient: Female, age 51, artistLady with Hot Flashes
Complaints: Menopausal symptoms and spasms in the left side of body. Since the full hysterectomy 3 months ago, after removal of fibroid cysts of 2.5 pounds, she developed unpleasant psychological and physical symptoms. She bursts into tears just with the thought of her child. She has not undergone a hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes are four times during the day. She wakes up every morning at 6am with a hot flash and mild dampness on skin. She has a gurgling/fluttering sensation in the upper left chest. She has painful muscle contraction in the left arm and left leg.  

Treatment process: After the first treatment, the uncontrollable tearing of the eyes immediately ceased. On the second visit, the patient reported no more tearing. The left side chest gurgling, arm pain, leg pains were less by 50%.  After 7 acupuncture sessions in 4 weeks, the patient reported overall improvement of 90%.

Discussion: Acupuncture treats subjective and undiagnosed conditions even when the patient’s reports are difficult to objectively verify.

Disclaimer: Acupuncture results may vary since each individual case is different.

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