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Neck & Knee Pain, Depression, and Migraine. #188


Neck & Knee Pain. Depression & Migraine. 

Bisoma& Tetrasoma Acupuncture, Case 188

female, age 45, human resources

Complaints: Constant left neck and shoulder pain for 2 years after a vehicular accident. Left shoulder range of motion was limited and worsening. She fell with her right knee onto a hard floor a few years ago, resulting in persistent inflammation and fluid retention. Finally, she had chronic 20-year anxiety and depression, which had worsened after a miscarriage 5 months ago. Moderate to severe migraine occurred at least once a month.

Acupuncture: Left-side yang horary points in Metal-Order of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36 with fire points LI5, GB38, and UB60, which are central element points for this constitution with Lesser Yin and Greater Yang combination (aka Kapha-Vata in Ayurveda, Phlegmatic in Unani, Soeumin in Sasang, and LinGang in Tetrasoma). Sasang herbal formula Xiang Fu Ba Wu Tang (Xiang Fu, Dang Gui, Bai Shao Yao, Bai Zhu, He Shou Wu, Chuan Xiong, Chen Pi, and Zhi Gan Cao).

Treatment process: She had 14 treatments at twice a week in the initial 4 weeks and once a week thereafter. Each treatment was helpful for the pains. The weekly improvement rate was significant with less intensity, less frequency, and shorter in duration. In addition, the Asian herbs were instrumental in improving her mental state and mood. From the 6th visit, she was able to taper down and get off Wellbutrin for depression with only withdrawal symptoms. In addition, she has mostly eliminated the usage of NSAIDs. She currently has almost no complaint.

Discussion: In addition to reduction of pain, Asian medicine is great at helping the body to self-heal by promoting recovery, which chemistry-language medicine cannot do.

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