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Digestive Problem

Do you have stubborn digestive tract problems?


Nausea, Vomiting, IBS, Abdominal Cramps and Bloating. Inflammation, obstruction, infection, vascular problems are the frequent problems in the stomach, gall bladder, small intestine and large intestines. They can all be treated with Chinese medicine along with regular visits to your MD physician.


Patients notice significant result after two weeks.The total course of treatment is between 3 to 4 months with minimal recurrence thereafter.

    Typical symptoms include:     These may be caused or aggravated by:
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • cramping
  • bloating
  • heartburn
  • chang in bowel
  • bleeding


  • infection
  • toxic substance
  • medications
  • food allergen
  • severe stress
  • over eating
  • improper foods
  • diseases

SELF TREATMENT: Simply changing diets according to your body type can be the single most effective way to naturally treat yourself. Ask Dr. Lee which food ingredients are beneficial and harmful to you.


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