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Acupressure for Hot Flashes and PMS

Relieve without side effect.


Your hot flashes and PMS may be significantly reduced or eliminated with acupressure, which you can do at the convenience of your own home.

Only one visit is needed to easily learn and implement this acupressure method. Call David Lee Acupuncture Clinic at 805-497-6200.

Acupressure is a safe alternative or supplement. Medications involve a risk that many women elect not to take. As you know, hormone replacement therapy HRT for relieving menopause symptoms and PMS is notorious. The risk of developing cancer is a growing concern. Anti-anxiety medication dulls emotional senses because it reduces the experience of richness of life. In addition, it is often difficult to get off. The dependency and withdrawal symptoms are another trade-off one has to consider. The discomfort of heat waves throughout the day and drenching night sweats are typical for 60% of menopausal women. Many would rather bear these high discomforts with sleepless nights for 6.5 years. They would rather not worry about the possibility of undesired side effects these medications may cause.

Chemotherapy and estrogen-blocking medications for cancer treatment also trigger hot flashes. Not only is the intensity high for most women, but they must bear it for years. Tomoxifen, for example, must be taken for 5 to 10 years. Many young women prefer not to take the HRT long-term and would rather deal with their PMS and painful menstruation.

When added up, much of their life is wasted and it could have been used for a more fulfilling life.

For all the issues above, acupressure can be a solution you have been looking for. There is no side effect. Many experience the relief up to 90%. Some do not experience the discomforts at all.

Case Study 1

With acupressure, a woman having menopausal hot flashes for 4 years had a relief of 40% of the symptoms in the first evening. For months, she was having an average of 12 intense hot flashes a day and 2 to 3 drenching night sweats in the evening. She only had one night sweat in the first evening. Next day, she had 6 mild to moderate hot flashes. She continued to improve weekly. At the end of third week, her hot flashes were at least 90% relieved and remained improved for the duration of the menopause peroid.


Case Study 2

Every month, a young woman in her 30’s was experiencing moderate to severe PMS and cramping since her period began. She was instructed to use acupressure 3 days before and during period. Her next PMS and cramping were slightly better with acupressure. Her symptoms were additionally relieved every month. After 4 months, her symptoms are either mild or gone. She still uses acupressure only before and during the cycle.


Case Study 3

A chemotherapy patient had significant relief from pains and hot flashes with acupuncture. In addition, her post-surgical pain from mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes were also relieved. When she began taking Tomoxifen soon after, her hot flashes returned with vengeance. She was given an acupressure instruction to do at home. After 3 weeks, the intensity and frequency of hot flashes were much less. Her concern of putting up with the side effects for the next 5 years was mitigated. She was more hopeful and happier.


Relieve Hot Flashes with Acupressure
Relieve Hot Flashes with Acupressure

Again, it only takes one visit to empower you to get the know-how in relieving your hot flashes and PMS.

I welcome you to take advantage of acupressure that can significantly reduce your discomforts and help improve your quality of daily living.




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