Four Body Medicine and Acupuncture

What are Four-Body Medicine and Acupuncture?

Tetrasoma (means four body) Four-body type medicine, which is a practice of treating your body type with diet and herbs that help your body to self-heal.  It is a choice treatment for organ and glandular problems. In addition, these phyto-nutrient tonics  improve your health, increase sense of well-being, and promote longevity. Everyone has one of the four body types, including you. Your higher sense of well-being is from a more optimized functioning of your body.  

Acupuncture also addresses your constitution, often amazingly reducing or even getting rid of your pain and inflammation. Four-Body Type medicine improves your psychological, physiological, and physical states because it provides multiple benefits to your mind and body.

Clinically observed on the diverse population of East Ventura County, California, we offer Four-Body Type Medicine. It was published by a Korean physician Jema Lee 130 years ago. 



David Lee, PhD, acupuncturist


Empower your body to heal itself with Tetrasoma Four-Body Medicine. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, signs, or the diseases, the focus is on your body’s ability to re-establish homeostasis. The result is a reduction of your disease and an increase in self-awareness. 


Tetrasoma means “four body” in Greek four temperaments,  400 B.C. as a tribute to the original founder and the eventual unification of ancient East and West.