Four Body Medicine and Acupuncture


What is Four Body Medicine and Acupuncture?

Tetrasoma Four Body Medicine promotes your health through a body-type-specific-diet and phyto-nutrients, especially with Chinese herbs. You are one of the four basic body types. The result is a higher state of well-being through a more optimized functioning of your body.  Acupuncture also addresses your constitution, amazingly reducing or even getting rid of your pain and inflammation. Four Body Type medicine improves your psychologial, physiological, and physical states because it is so efficient in providing multiple benefits to your mind and body.

Clinically verified on the diverse population of East Ventura County, California, David Lee Acupuncture Clinic offers Four Body Medicine. It was created by a Korean physician Jema Lee 130 years ago. David Lee has also created a unique acupressure method that the public can easily use and get benefit from.



David Lee, PhD, acupuncturist


Four Body Medicine (FBM) is a field within Asian medicine consisting of acupuncture, dietary adjustment, and Chinese herbs. FBM is a body type medicine which views an individual as one of the four body types. It empowers your body to heal itself. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, signs, or the diseases, the focus is on your inherent body to heal itself. The result is a reduction of your disease and more in-depth knowledge of your body type.


Tetrasoma means “four body” in Greek and used here

because the Grecian four temperaments are directly

correlated to Four Constitutional Medicine.


FBM directly influences your innate genetic potential so that the body is most optimized in establishing its own homeostasis, resulting in higher ability to heal  from chronic and intractable diseases. FBM is a point of major evolution of Asian medicine by enhancing our ability to heal in a deeper way.