Sima Ebrahimi Acupuncturist

Sima Ebrahimi acupuncturist

My undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering in University, Iran. My pursuit transitioned into a graduate study as medical doctor in Azerbajian and internship in Russia. Upon graduating as an acupuncturist in 2013 from South Baylo University, California. I treat pain, inflammation, and internal dysfunction. 

Growing up in Persia, my life was filled with its deep and rich history while I had the opportunity to imbibe in the influence of the west, especially history, novels, and literature. In my spare time, I was constantly interacting with nature in gymnastics, hiking, swimming, and riding my bicycle all over town. I love helping people even with small things that help to relieve pain and improve lives. My interest in healthcare was evident since childhood in helping people with small and large things. Even carrying items for the elderly gave me a sense of satisfaction.