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One Simple Way

to Naturally and Safely Relieve autism.

Improve with DRUG-FREE, ALL-NATURAL herbal  phytonutrients, and a mineral. There is no side effect and no habit formation. All the ingredients are safe and are commonly prescribed by acupuncturists in United States. This blend boosts its efficacy for those on the autistic spectrum. For an easy delivery, these are available in capsules. Participate NOW with FocusEmpath Chinese herbs. Call us today at 805-497-6200.         FocusEmpath Chinese herbs help to:
  • Increase verbal communication.
  • Increase social interaction.
  • Increase eye contact.
  • Decrease repetitive behavior.
The characteristics of autism are often noticeably relieved in the first month. These all-natural herbs empower the brain and body to self-heal. The thousands-of-years of regular usage supports its efficacy.  Acupuncturists in the US and all over the world are still commonly prescribing the same ingredients today. It is only a matter of combining the relevant herbs together. The effectiveness is due to the combination of the right ingredients that address the autistic’s specific needs. This formula was created 130 years ago to treat a diagnosis called “dry-heat in the bladder” for one of the body types called Lesser Yang (Soyangin) in Sasang Four Constitutional Medicine. The treatment objective was to reduce the dryness and heat in the urinary bladder meridian. The associated symptoms are similar to attention deficit hyperactive disorder with irritability, inability to sit still, inability to focus, warm body, and headache. Dr. David Lee discovered that the majority of Autism occurred in a body type called Lesser Yang body type. This discovery was the key to linking autism and the FocusEmpath together. Now there is a better understanding of the body type propensity for autism and its solution. The problem in autism is that the parts of the brain are not effectively communicating with each other. These are like isolated islands in an ocean without a good highway system. The parts are good, but the lack of integration causes disharmony. The result is a confusion within the brain, manifesting as lack of attention and discomfort when trying to do complex tasks. With FocusEmpath, the outcome is a holistic and integrated thinking, manifesting as a whole person. The increased ability to process the data in the brain heightens interest about the outside world. Once this person sees and understands things, which before were difficult to comprehend, he/she now initiates further improvement by exploring and learning. On his/her own, the individual actively contributes to the further brain growth.  

Case Study Example

Dr. Lee prescribed FocusEmpath to a 22-year-old autistic individual, who quickly responded with a quick and significant relief. After two months, his mother described him as having “woken up”. Four months later, he is becoming increasingly independent and contributing to the society by selling products online.

1st month on FocusEmpath

His mind became more focused and clearer. The attention span was increased and longer. The life-long habit of taking an immediate shower at home after going out for shopping or meeting people was broken. He did not have a need to shower even after long extended trips.

2nd month

His intense desire to hand flap, which was occurring at three times a week, began to go away. He was initiating more personal responsibilities, such as taking control over his bank account and meeting more people. His eating habits began to improve. His junk food style was turning into more vegetables. He was cooking on his own. In several breaths, he stated, “I can think clearly, focus more and pay attention to new things, plan and organize, more self-aware with interaction with things and their effects.” This was very significant because he placed complex phrases together into a larger complex meaning. In addition, he was asking questions that were thought-provoking. For example, he asked, “what does sodium do?” Such question necessitating deeper cause and effect answer was never raised before.

3rd month

His eye contact with people was purposeful and longer.

4th month

He recorded his future events in a schedule book. The interpretation of things and events was more accurate. He was increasingly self-reflecting. He was verbally more eloquent. The pauses and hesitating sounds between words while speaking were much less. He was meditating regularly, which was helping him to be mindful and get out of negative emotional states more easily. He started an online business selling products after watching the webinar and with mother’s help in setting up.  

10th Month

His thinking is much more integrated. He is self-initiating responsibilities. This is his statement in 2 minutes, “I am losing weight by eating better. Herbs are helpful in improving. I am self-aware. I had a different attitude toward situations. After taking hers for a while, I see things differently. I am calmer, focused, and making a lot of good choices.” Yes, a pretty good thinking process!  

How Do I Participate?

Your participation is easy and simple. On the first day of the visit, Dr. Lee will evaluate the individual. The only qualification is that the person has a Lesser Yang Body Type, which Dr. Lee will personally identify. If so, he will prescribe a one month supply of the FocusEmpath Chinese herbs. Only two tiny capsules taken with liquid, twice daily is needed. Look for the improvement in signs and symptoms in the next 30 days. There will be two follow-up visits on the 15th day and 30th day. The guardian will fill out two assessment forms on the initial visit and the 30th day. When there is a significant improvement, additional bottles can be purchased. Only up to five bottles are taken to achieve a maximum benefit. Dr. Lee has prescribed the same herbal formula in the past 14 years without side-effect. FocusEmpath is not only for autism but for a variety of health conditions occurring in a Lesser Yang body type. These Chinese herbs work with the body to self-heal, rather than merely treat the disease. The outcome of empowering the body has many positive benefits, including the relief of many symptoms of autism. I welcome you to try FocusEmpath. There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain. Your life may be deeper, enriching, and fulfilling. The goal is to help the individual with autism contribute to the family and society.   Sincerely,

David Lee, Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine


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